Legal declaration

By visition the website of Crane Ltd, you hereby accept the following conditions, even if you are not a registered user, or subscriber of any of the services of the websites.

The website is owned and operated by Crane International Gazdasági és Kommunikációs Tanácsadó Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság registered office: 1138 Budapest, Révész utca 27-29. 2. em., company registration number: 01-09-862008, tax number: 13567257-2-41; hereinafter referred to as: “Crane Ltd.” or “operator”). 

1. Intellectual proprietary rights vested in the website

The entire content on the portal of Crane Ltd as well as all of its elements, textual, image and other contents and image and technical solutions, charts, trademarks, logos, databases and other parts related to the structuring and selection of such content shall be the intellectual properties of Crane Ltd.
Contents on the websites of Crane Ltd shall be protected by proprietary rights. Crane Ltd. shall reserve all rights related to copying and distribution of all parts of the website with any method and technology.
Crane Ltd shall provide a preliminary, non-exclusive and non-transferable authorization for the visitor of the websites to download, to the visitor’s computer, save and print the contents of the website in their original form, exclusively for personal use, but not to make the same available in any form for any third party. This authorization shall entail the management and archive of the original copy of the content of the websites. Furthermore, the visitors of the website shall not acquire any rights related to the proprietary rights vested in the websites or any other proprietary rights of Crane Ltd.
The amendment and restructuring of the website as well as the inclusion of the same into other works, publications, websites, either electronically or in any other way is prohibited.
Without the prior written consent of Crane Ltd, the use, processing or sale of the entirety or any part of the website (text, graphics, photos, etc.) is prohibited.
Unauthorized use shall have legal consequences. Crane Ltd shall be entitled to demand the cessation of the infringement of rights, as well as the application of appropriate criminal consequences. 

2. Content of websites, liability

Crane Ltd shall reserve the rights to amend, supplement or terminate its services without any prior notification, and shall not be held liable for any errors or unlawful amendment of the content of the websites due to reasons falling outside of the scope of authority of Crane Ltd, and all legal consequences arising from the abovementioned.
Crane Ltd shall not be held liable for the damages arising from the existence, use, unusable condition, inappropriate operation, breakdown of the website, temporary suspension or total shut down of the operation of the entirety or any parts of the same - either previously communicated or not -, deletion of contents accessible from the website, as well as line or system failure, computer viruses possibly carried by the same, or the unauthorized amendment of the data by anyone.
Crane Ltd shall take all rational and reasonable measures for the secure operation of the websites, nevertheless it shall not undertake guarantee or warranty for the security of the websites, immunity of the websites from computer viruses, spy and harmful programs, or timeliness, accuracy and uninterrupted operation of the same. With regard to the use of the websites, Crane Ltd shall propose that the visitors of the should take all necessary precautionary measures: use virus and spyware software with up-to-date databases, and install the security updates of the operating system. The visitor of the website shall be obliged to provide for the protection of his/her computer and the date stored on the same.

3. Related homepages

Crane Ltd shall not be held liable for the content, data and information protection practice of external websites accessible from its own websites. Should Crane Ltd be aware of the fact that a page linked from its own website violates other people’s rights or the law in effect, it shall immediately remove such link from its websites.

4. Others

Crane Ltd shall be entitled to unilaterally amend this Legal declaration at any time. Possible amendments shall enter into effect upon their publication on the website.
This Legal declaration shall be interpreted and performed in accordance with Hungarian law.
Competent Hungarian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regard to disputable issues arising from this Legal declaration.

Budapest, 22nd September 2014.

Crane Ltd.