What do you think? True or false?
Your audience would go for a questionnaire like this and want you to remember the responses given.

Most people would expect to make such things as simple as possible for them. CULTURE.CRANE’s CRM and loyalty solutions are for those cultural institutes, who have the same experience with their audience.

Uncertain? Here are 4 statements to test whether you need the technology to help you gain new audience segments, maintain loyalty, plan future activities and measure how it works. As simple as possible.

Check the box if you find the statement to be true for you!

I have the information of ticket sales, productions, customer contact data, newsletter statistics, loyalty program in separate databases (online or offline)!
  I would love to see the sales results, the newsletter statistics and the website browsing habits of our audience by segments or even by person!
  I could work less, but achieve more if having those data and analytics at a click!
  We don’t have a CRM system because it must be expensive!

Wish to see how a fully-integrated CRM system by CULTURE.CRANE functions?
Let us know if you wish to get information, discuss your challenges or tell us about the CRM system of your dreams – we will support you and find best-fitting solution!