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Helping the Irish culture sector recovery

Dátum: 2021. 03. 26 13:13

The global culture sector has suffered a seismic shock in the pandemic, with live events suspended and cancelled, revenue fallen dramatically and no definite date when the market opens up again to the wider public. This market shock is equivalent to what happened to the financial sector in Ireland twelve years ago.

The digitalisation of the economy has accelerated dramatically as a direct result of the current Pandemic – the move towards a cashless economy, people working remotely and the substantial increase in the use of digital technology in the workplace.

In Ireland we can see a tangible impact of this change in customer behaviour with the withdrawal from the market of a major clearing bank and the dramatic announcement of nationwide branch closures.

All of this means that the majority of people have also moved forward with their own personal digitalisation – using zoom calls for personal interactions, engagement with online banking, the use of bank cards with senior generations, the use of email and newsletters for information etc. The same consumers also form the cultural target audience who need specific attention and communication.

The culture sector worldwide must seek to re-engage with this new digitalised audience in  imaginative ways to re-ignite the market. Now is the optimal time for cultural institutions to re-define their audience relationships in a 2021 context, using exciting, innovative digital technology and meaningful harvesting of customer digital information to provide a more personalised and refined view of customer behaviours.

This is where Culture Crane can help you!

Our mission is to provide cultural organisations with the latest Audience Management Platform that is developed specifically to meet the business needs of the culture sector.

Our solution maximises customer experience, grows audiences and manages the complexity of multiple genres and audience segments, membership and donation schemes.

If you would like to see how Culture.Crane can help your organisation, please get in touch!

Adrienn Vasicza