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Our mission

We believe that data-driven, personalized audience management strengthens loyalty and attracts visitors. We support cultural institutions with innovative, community-building solutions, based on our experience in the cultural industry and our research and marketing-focused IT service.
We are happy to help you to effectively activate and engage your audience.

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Our culture-focused audience management system channels all necessary information into one place, categorizes all data and makes it available for segmentation in an up-to-date database, which enables personalized communication and maximized consumer experience. By processing and visualizing the data, the system helps decision-making, and the automated processes ensure efficiency. Choose the product that best suits your needs.

Cloud-based, user-friendly system

We have enhanced the Microsoft Dynamics system for cultural needs. The result: user-friendly interface, constantly updated solutions, maximum security.

Aggregated customer profile, segmentation

We perform target group segment creation and analysis based on integrated audience data - unique views, saved filtering parameters, automatic update.

Content-based newsletter system, automations

Personalized newsletter blocks, newsletter variations creatable with a single click, retargeting, automatic notifications, A/B testing.

Reports, data visualization

Operational and management-level reports, trends and analyses in easily transparent, exportable format.

Customer value indicator

Based on institution-specific, weighted criteria.

Scalable, customizable products

You can either choose basic or advanced modules, but you can also require a system developed for individual needs.

Loyalty and support programs

We offer automated motivation modules to manage B2C and B2B customers.

Lead management

Progress tracking, task management, reminders, goals and results.

Our partners

Who already enjoy the benefits of the Culture.Crane audience management system.

Culture.Crane blog


Are you delivering a connected customer experience?

The mantra ‘right message, right channel, right time’ is imprinted into every digital marketer’s brain. Understanding customer identity, behaviour characteristics and being able to respond to this, is the driving force behind journey orchestration. With the rise in connectivity driven by smart devices and digital services, 84% of customers now say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services, and more than two thirds (69%) expect connected experiences. That’s according to Salesforce’s ‘State of the Connected Customer’ research. Understanding customer identity, behaviour characteristics and being able to respond to these, is the driving force behind journey orchestration. By necessity, this framework transcends pure marketing comms. Every touchpoint – from web visits, to transactional app push notifications and call centre conversations – must be considered within each customer’s journey as part of the value exchange from the data that individual has shared. These interactions require centralised orchestration to deliver the consistent, hyper-personalised engagements that drive the connected customer experience. The benefits of this approach also require a shift away from typical campaign-level performance metrics. Effective journey orchestration is best measured through increased customer value, driven by purchase frequency, loyalty and advocacy. At the same time, […]


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